Compassionate Representation For Seriously Injured Victims Of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents, especially those involving negligent operation of enormous commercial vehicles, can kill and maim innocent drivers of smaller, conventional motor vehicles on our congested California highways.

Were you struck by a truck driver while in your car, or on your motorcycle or bicycle? Are you still in pain, physically and financially, from the aftermath of that collision? Have you considered legal action that would teach the trucking company and its insurer an important lesson?

We can advise you, as we have advised so many in Orange County over the years. We are the experienced Nordean Law, personal injury law firm in Costa Mesa.

Sam H. Nordean founded our law firm to help injured people just like you, and families mourning the wrongful deaths of beloved relatives in truck accidents. Our lawyers carefully attend to every detail of your claim, start to finish, including forceful litigation of your goals in the courtroom.

Attorneys Who Aggressively Safeguard Your Interests After A Serious Truck Accident

Truck accidents involving semi tractor trailers, 18-wheelers and "big rigs" are typically caused by poorly trained and distracted drivers, badly maintained vehicles in need of repair, and haphazardly loaded trucks with shifting cargo.

Whatever began the chain of events that ended with your serious injury, we will find it — and confront the defendant's insurance company with the facts. Our goal is always to win an amount of financial compensation for you that reflects lost wages, health care expenses, vehicle replacement costs and all other accident-related losses.

Don't delay in reaching out to us, for purposes of scheduling your free initial consultation. Don't allow a statute of limitations to let the negligent party get away without paying the price for your suffering. Call Nordean Law today to discuss your legal issues with a lawyer who cares about your rights, health and future. We are also available by email. We offer a contingency fee structure for our services, and language translation for speakers of Spanish, Farsi and Arabic.