Holding Negligent Motorists Accountable After Distracted Driving And DUI Accidents

Drunk driving and distracted driving account for thousands of serious injuries and fatalities in California and nationally.

If your life has been derailed by a drunk or distracted driver who caused a traffic accident, you can fight back. You can respond to these motorists' selfishness by pursuing legal action that holds them, and their insurers, accountable.

And Nordean Law in Costa Mesa will fight with you, in and out of court.

Our respected personal injury law firm's founding attorney Sam H. Nordean takes charge of your case from investigation to outcome, supplying one-on-one personal service at every stage. He excels at negotiations with insurance companies that produce settlements defraying your accident losses. He also relishes the courtroom battles that send strong messages to drunk and distracted drivers everywhere.

A Powerful Voice For Persons Injured In DUI And Distracted Driving Accidents

Nordean Law lawyers defend your interests when drivers using alcohol or drugs, or text-messaging on mobile phones, cause tragic accidents. Whether you were rear-ended by an inattentive driver, or a loved one was killed in a violent collision, in a case of wrongful death, we strive for the complete protection of your rights. We want you to receive maximum financial compensation to recoup lost income, medical bills, vehicle repair and replacement, and to recognize your pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

These high-quality legal services are always offered only on a contingency fee basis. You owe no legal fees whatsoever unless we win your case.

Your initial consultation is free of charge, and can occur at your home or hospital room if needed. Call Sam H. Nordean today at 888-234-7129 or stay online to communicate with him by email. Spanish, Farsi and Arabic language translation are available upon request.