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Understand types of mistreatment in nursing homes

Deciding that your loved one can't safely live at home any longer and must move into a nursing home isn't done easily. In all likelihood, you've exhausted all other options before finally agreeing to this major decision. When your loved one does move into a nursing home, you need to make sure that you choose one that will provide optimal care.

On the surface, many nursing homes seem like they will provide loving care. The issue is that when visitors leave, the staff might not behave in the same manner as when they are present.

Physical abuse is common

One of the most common types of mistreatment that nursing home residents may face is physical abuse. This is also one of the most easy to identify because it often comes with bruising and other outward signs. If you notice any injuries on your loved one, find out what happened. While it is possible that a random fall or other event happened, there shouldn't be something happening all the time.

Frequent injuries, such as falls, are also signs that something is amiss in the facility. There is a chance that issues like this might signal neglect and not outright abuse. Even when neglect is the problem, residents can suffer tremendously. Malnutrition, physical injuries, dehydration and some health problems can all stem from neglect.

Other forms of abuse might also take place

Physical abuse isn't the only potential manner of abuse. Financial abuse, which occurs when the resident's money is being taken by staff members, is also possible. Sometimes, nursing home employees are verbally and emotionally abusive to residents. This can occur through name calling and degradation.

Isolation is another possibility that can happen in conjunction with other types of abuse because the responsible parties don't want the person to speak up about the atrocious treatment. One clue to look for is that your loved one is always alone or that employees hover around you when you visit.

Excuses are all invalid

Nursing homes will sometimes try to come up with an excuse for the abuse to which residents are being subjected. These excuses are never valid. When a resident is neglected, the nursing home administration might claim understaffing or other staffing issues. These aren't any reason for deplorable behavior to be allowed when the nursing home is being paid to take care of the resident.

If you suspect your loved one is suffering nursing neglect or abuse, consider contacting a skilled personal injury attorney for counsel.

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