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May 2018 Archives

Dangers of drowsy driving and drunk driving

California drivers should know that the dangers of drowsy driving and drunk driving are largely similar. This can be especially worrying when one considers how 60 percent of adults in the U.S. admit to driving drowsy at least once. Of those 60 percent, a third have even fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Recent accidents put the safety of Tesla Autopilot into doubt

Many California residents are distrustful of self-driving cars. In the wake of so many recent accidents, this apprehension may be justifiable. In May, for example, a Utah driver of a Tesla Model S crashed into a fire truck even though the Autopilot program was engaged. The driver, who survived with a broken ankle, admitted that she was distracted by her phone at the time of the crash.

Seatbelt use tied to lower risk for severe liver injuries

Drivers in California who are wondering about the many benefits of seatbelt use can consider the following study conducted by researchers at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn. After analyzing thousands of cases of liver injuries in car accident victims from 2010 to 2015 (as found in the National Trauma Data Bank), researchers discovered that those who were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash were 21 percent less likely to incur severe liver injuries.

What nursing homes don't tell residents

Most nursing homes in California and elsewhere offer quality care to their patients. However, there are issues that individuals may need to be aware of before choosing to live in one. For example, residents aren't always allowed to move freely or interact with others in the residence. Half of the residents in one study said that they were lonely or felt isolated from others.

Study highlights the dangers of distracted driving

Motorists looking at cell phone screens instead of the road are becoming an alarmingly common sight on the roads of California. A recent study released by the technology company EverDrive suggests that the problem of distracted driving is becoming an increasingly serious problem across the country. The study was based on data provided by 300,000 drivers who downloaded the EverDrive safety application, and the researchers involved say that this means the results may not reflect the full scale of the problem.

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