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September 2018 Archives

Motus's distracted driving report focuses on mobile workforce

In California, as in other states, the mobile workforce is becoming more and more at risk for auto accidents. The 2018 Distracted Driving Report from vehicle management and reimbursement platform Motus has shed light on this topic. The most important of its findings is a link between smartphone ownership and auto accident rates among mobile workers.

Humans are the leading cause of self-driving car accidents

As more manufacturers fine-tune autonomous driving technology, it's inevitable that self-driving cars will soon be a common sight on California roads. While there is some concern about the safety of autonomous vehicles, the results from a study of incidents related to self-driving vehicles in California suggest human error is more likely to be responsible for accidents involving driverless cars. During the four-year period covered by the study, there were nearly 40 incidents involving self-driving cars that were moving. Humans were responsible for all but one of these accidents.

Semitruck crash statistics provide shocking information and hope

Semitrucks serve the important role of getting large quantities of product or equipment from one point to another. Without these big rigs, grocery stores and other retailers wouldn't be able to stock the shelves as efficiently, farmers might have trouble getting the tractors and other implements they need to get the job done and other massive items couldn't be hauled around effectively.

Morgue and hospital visits found to help teen drivers

A team of researchers from Baylor University recently studied the effectiveness of supplemental driver education programs that add visits to hospital trauma centers and mortuaries to conventional classroom sessions. After surveying 21 young drivers who took part in such a program, the researchers concluded that they could be a useful tool to reduce reckless and distracted driving in California and around the country.

Campaign aims to stop dog attacks on mail carriers

While the stereotype of dogs chasing after mailmen may be common in cartoons, it's also an unfortunate reality for many California letter carriers. As part of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, the Postal Service works to highlight the situation of mail carriers being attacked by dogs. In 2017 alone, 6,244 workers for the Postal Service were attacked by dogs. While this is a high number, it represents an improvement -- 500 fewer people were attacked in 2017 than the prior year.

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