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Reasons for car accidents

There are many different causes of California car accidents. Finding out why it happened is the job of the insurance claims adjuster and the police, both of whom use the cause to determine the at-fault party. The police needs the information to know to whom to issue a ticket. The insurance company uses the information to determine which party is to receive a claims payment and what the amount of the payment should be.

A very common cause of car accidents is human error. Negligent drivers have been causing accidents since the first car was placed on the road. The occurrence of car accidents caused by human errors can be a concern for many drivers who can only control their own actions and not the actions of the other drivers on the road.

Driving while distracted is another widespread cause of car accidents, and with the prevalence technology devices that are built into vehicles and carried in by drivers and occupants, it appears to be on the rise. Not only can DVD players, cellphones and other devices by a constant source of distraction to drivers, but eating, having kids in the car and applying makeup can also take attention away from the road. Even though being able to multitask is generally looked upon favorably, it has no place behind the wheel.

Being under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or certain nonprescription or prescription medicine can impair a driver's ability to drive responsibly. Being unable to concentrate fully on the road can increase a driver's chances of getting in an accident. A personal injury attorney may consider the factors that contribute to car crashes when representing people who have been harmed. When the cause was the negligence of another motorist, a lawsuit might be an advisable option.

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