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Campaign aims to stop dog attacks on mail carriers

While the stereotype of dogs chasing after mailmen may be common in cartoons, it's also an unfortunate reality for many California letter carriers. As part of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, the Postal Service works to highlight the situation of mail carriers being attacked by dogs. In 2017 alone, 6,244 workers for the Postal Service were attacked by dogs. While this is a high number, it represents an improvement -- 500 fewer people were attacked in 2017 than the prior year.

What to do after a dog bite

California residents who are bitten or attacked by a dog may experience significant injuries. However, there are ways that they can protect themselves in the event of an attack. One strategy a person can use is to put a coat or bag in front of the dog. It is also possible to curl into a ball while covering the ears and neck.

How to stop a dog from hurting a person

Keeping a dog can have many benefits for those who are living in California and throughout the country. However, it is possible for any dog to bite if it is stressed, not socialized properly or experiencing a medical condition. Children are more likely to get bitten by a dog, and more than half of dog bites are caused by animals that a victim is familiar with.

How many people died in 2017 due to a dog bite?

If you had to guess, how many people do you think have died in the United States since 2005 as a result of a dig attack or dog bite? You may think that the number is quite low, given the relative rarity of such a fatal incident in comparison to, say, a motor vehicle accident. However, the number of fatalities related to dog bites from 2005 to 2017 was still pretty jarring. 433 people died in these incidents.

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