Safe Infant Sleep Checklist

  1. Place babies on their backs for naps and at night until they are 1 year old. Make sure babies sleep on a firm, flat surface in their own crib, bassinet
    or play yard.
  2. Choose a firm mattress and fitted sheet for baby’s crib. Remove toys, blankets, pillows, bumper pads and other accessoriesfrom the crib.
  3. Dress baby in a wearable blanket, onesie or similar clothing for every sleep. A loose blanket could cover baby’s airway or make their body temperature too high.
  4. Share your room, not your bed. Place baby’s crib or bassinet in your bedroom instead of
    letting baby sleep in the same bed with you.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble your crib. Make sure to complete and
    submit the product registration card to learn about any recalls or safety updates.

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