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riverside personal injury lawyer

Whether you got into a vehicle crash, slip and fall accident, bicycle accident, or physical abuse, any personal injury can be painful and infuriating. Meanwhile, it is also financially demanding and psychologically distressful.

If the injury has been caused due to the negligence of someone else, you are entitled to compensation. However, calculating compensation in a personal injury case is more complex than it looks, as it involves multiple factors like the seriousness of the injury, at fault parties, and others. Here’s where Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers can step in to help you.

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Raydrea E.
Raydrea E.
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The best lawyer in the area! He and his team will take great care of you. They are very good with taking questions and answering them without lying to you. I will use Sam and his firm for any cases I might encounter. Highly recommend!!
Ricardo Dagher
Ricardo Dagher
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I was rear ended on the highway by a driver that was not paying attention. He didn’t even slow down. After the collision, I couldn’t even walk. Sam and his team helped me every step of the way. They made sure that I received the best treatment. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. They fought the insurance company to make sure I received full value for my car. Sam was able to get all my bills covered and on top of that held the other driver and his insurance company accountable. I received the settlement that I deserve and helped me move with my life after an accident that changed my life.
Erica Z.
Erica Z.
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If you are worried about your claim you should contact Nordean Law. Sam Nordean and his team are not only true professionals with integrity, but also sincerely care about their clients well being and state of mind throughout the process.
Diana S.
Diana S.
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Sam Nordean is a great lawyer. He handled my case with the utmost professionalism. After taking my case, Nordean was always very straightfoward about all proceedings. He never sugarcoated things and was very honest. As the client, I appreciated that Sam Nordean would advise me about the proceedings but that my opinions and voice was also heard. Sam Nordean fought for me as the victim in my case and I was very happy with the outcome. Sam Nordean is a great lawyer and I would recommend him for anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.
Aldo Z.
Aldo Z.
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Nordean Law is working on my injury case. and can't thank them enough. Sam and his team have been reaching out and keeping me informed with all pending matters. I appreciate that because with all that is currently going in right now, I need some stress off my shoulders. Thank you Nordean Law!!!
Michael Ruddle
Michael Ruddle
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My family and I were involved in an auto accident. I was referred to Sam Nordean through a good friend of mine who is a current client. That meant a lot to me. I called Sam immediately and he answered the phone. I thought, "Wow, an attorney who actually answers his phone". I explained to him what had happened and he and his Team immediately took over. They have already taken care of our property damage issue and are making sure we have the best medical treatment available. We still have a ways to go, but I know Sam is working hard for my family. And, when I call him he still picks up. Thank you Nordean Law
Donna Melik
Donna Melik
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I can’t thank the Nordean Law group enough! The amount of clarity they provide by walking you through every single step is beyond relieving. The entire team is so professional! And they truly fight for justice! Our family has been with them since 2017 and appreciates all the hard work! Don’t look any further, go for the representation of Nordean Law
 Boyce Osife
Boyce Osife
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Very knowledgeable and experienced law firm. Very polite service representatives who care about your needs and help you find the right help.
Alice Alqueen
Alice Alqueen
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Nordean Law, APC represented me and helped me through my insurance case when they refused to pay my bills. Sam was very patient, experienced, and well-knowledgeable such qualities are hard to find in one attorney. No matter how many times I called or asked questions he was always attentive and understanding. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you for winning my 2 cases!
Sukhwinder Kaur
Sukhwinder Kaur
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Sam and his team are amazing. My mom experienced a major fall and ended up getting seriously hurt. Sam and his team stood by her side every step of the way and took her under their wing making sure she got all the care that she needed. Communication is key to any relationship rather it be business or personal and Nordean law made sure their was no confusion and all points were made aware to both parties. Thank you sharmin, Alyssa, patty and Sam ! Your time and hard work is definitely appreciated!
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What types of personal injury cases do we handle in Riverside County?

Car Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Bus Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Wrongful Death
Premises Liability
Slip & Fall Accidents
Brain Injuries
Elder Abuse
Child Abuse
Uber/Lyft Accidents

Nordean Law takes on cases of serious injury caused by the carelessness of others. Our Riverside County law firm offers legal representation in a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

Car accidents

Many times, car crashes happen due to the carelessness of other vehicles or other parties.
In such cases, Riverside personal injury attorneys of our law firm will assess the potential for a lawsuit and eligibility for compensation.

Truck accidents

Filing a claim against a commercial trucking company can be complicated because of the multiple parties involved. The stakeholders range from truck drivers, trucking company, and manufacturing companies to cargo loaders. Each party is powerful with their respective insurance partner by their side. If you attempt to fight with them alone, they will minimize the compensation amount or may even dismiss your case through their tips and tricks.

A personal injury lawyer who handles truck accident cases can help you recover your economic and non-economic damages. A good lawyer will help you get justice at any cost, no matter how much time and effort it takes.

Bus accidents

Bus drivers provide a duty of care to their passengers. This means the driver has to follow the rules of the road to ensure a safe trip. However, during these trips, some drivers may show negligence by speeding, tailgating, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In some cases, the driver has to operate a truck with failed equipment. If accidents happen in these circumstances, the victim will be liable for compensation.

Unlike private vehicles, a company or municipality owns most buses. Therefore, obtaining compensation is not as easy as you think. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal complexities of the bus accident cases.

Bicycle accidents

Bicycle driving is riskier than driving a car. Usually, drivers of trucks, buses, or cars do not think to look for bicycles when changing lanes or opening a car door on a bicycle path. These negligences from bigger vehicles can lead to serious collisions with bicyclists, resulting in severe injuries or even wrongful death. Our lawyers advocate passionately in bicycle accident cases and fight for your lawful compensation with the stakeholders of commercial vehicles or private cars.

Slip and Fall accidents

Slip and fall injuries occur when a person falls and sustains serious physical injury. The person might have sustained a knee injury, concussions, and broken hips. Slipping on a wet floor, falling from a higher place, or tumbling down a staircase due to negligence of property owners are some cases where you can file a claim for personal injury cases.

Apart from these, we also fight for personal injury cases resulting from motorcycle accidents, physical abuse, uber/lyft accidents, and premises liability. We also look at the cases of brain injury caused by negligent accidents and wrongful death.
Many accident victims wonder if their incident qualifies for personal injury cases. To answer your question, we need to hear your story and evaluate it accordingly.

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What is your personal injury claim worth in Riverside, California (CA)?

The exact amount of compensation you receive depends on the specific facts of your case. In general, the compensation amount covers both economic and non-economic damage.

The economic damage includes medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.
Likewise, the non-economic damages are pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, or loss of companionship.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer at Nordean Law will help you determine the compensation amount based on your case details.

How Personal Injury claim work in Riverside, CA?

California is a pure comparative negligence state. This means if someone else’s recklessness has caused the accident, they should pay you compensation. It includes medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses.

But, the way personal injury cases move in practice can be more complicated for you to determine. For example, when someone gets hurt in a multi-vehicle accident, the damages will be split proportionally to each vehicle. Suppose the total damage is worth $500,000, and the two drivers are at 20 percent and 80 percent fault. Here, the first driver has to pay 20 percent of the compensation, and the second driver has to pay 80 percent of the compensation.

In another instance, according to the law, even if you are 80 percent at fault for the accident, you can still sue the defendant responsible for 20 percent of the damage. In practice, this can be complex. In such cases, an experienced personal injury attorney can investigate your accident and find evidence that supports you. The lawyers will also hire relevant experts who can find out negligence. For example, in case of a slip and fall accident in a building, the lawyers will hire construction specialists to explain the role of the property owner’s negligence.

The more evidence you have, the stronger your position in negotiation. So, it is wise to get legal representation as soon as possible.

A lawyer can help you evaluate an accurate compensation amount while navigating the complex legal process.

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How much time does it take to settle a personal injury case in Riverside?

One of the most common questions for an individual after an accident is how long the claim will take to settle. The timeline is different for each case, depending on circumstances. Normally, it takes a few months to years to settle the claim.

Some of the factors affecting the case are:

Medical report

You cannot anticipate the cost of medical care for serious injuries. The cost may rise as your treatment goes along. Thus, you won’t be able to demand payment for your medical bills until you recuperate. Even after health improvement, you must consult your doctor to understand the need for follow-up treatments in the future, which will require additional costs.


In some cases, eyewitnesses may disagree to talk on your behalf or back off from giving statements in the last hour. Similarly, the insurance companies of at-fault party/parties will also do their best to find evidence against you. Given the circumstances, it will take time for the investigation to bring accurate results.


Even if the evidence supports you, the insurance company will do its best to lessen your compensation. Negotiating the amount with insurance adjusters is time-consuming, ultimately affecting the timeline.

What to do after an accident?

Followed by a life-threatening accident, the victim is not able to think about the next step. However, it is important to make the right decisions to acquire compensation for any damages caused by the accident you were involved in.
We have outlined step-by-step measures one should take after an accident so that you can have a comparatively uncomplicated claim process:

Prioritize safety

If you are capable of moving immediately after the accident, get to a safe place. Check your injuries and immediately call 911 for medical help.

Call the police

The police comes to the accident site and create an official report. They gather accident evidence, speak with victims in person immediately, and then compile their findings into a report. The police report is pivotal in the compensation process.

Gather evidence

Try to find as much evidence as you can. Take a picture of your injury, accident site, and vehicle damages. Also, if any bystanders were near you during the accident, ask if they can speak for you. Get their contact information if they are willing to talk. However, if it is difficult for you to approach the eyewitness, leave this part to a legal professional.

Be careful with what you say

We understand that you are precariously in a vulnerable position following the accident. But every word you say at the accident site is valuable, as this will affect your compensation amount. For example, if you say that the accident was slightly your fault, the insurance adjusters will use your utterance against you.

Get enough rest

With a break from work, financial stress, and uncertainty, it is natural to feel impatient during recovery. However, rushing yourself back to normal routine before you are physically and mentally ready can disrupt your body’s healing progress. We at Nordean Law want you to rest without financial stress. From getting a statement from an eyewitness to negotiating with the insurance company, we will relieve you from major legal hassle and facilitate lawful compensation.

Speak to a personal injury attorney

A personal injury lawyer will guide you through legal proceedings to build a strong case. Besides negotiating compensation, the lawyers will also take the case to court if required. However, consider a few things before calling a lawyer. One is you must consult a lawyer who specializes in your case. For example, if you had a cement mixer truck accident, choose a lawyer who has advocated for truck accident cases. Next, we suggest you get in touch with a local attorney, as they will be well-versed in the laws and ordinances of the area.

Compassionate guidance, aggressive negotiation for lawful compensation. Get the help you need by calling us at

Why should you consult a personal injury lawyer based in Riverside county?

Any strong individual can become vulnerable immediately after an accident. And a pile of legal proceedings at this point is an additional burden. Selecting a local attorney for a Riverside based personal injury case will ease your journey. A local lawyer will be available throughout the journey to compensation to guide you through complex legal processes, negotiate with insurance adjusters, and fight for justice. When you choose a local lawyer, be assured that they reach you on behalf of your little notice, if necessary or urgent.

A local lawyer has an understanding of the local regulations and also has experience dealing with local medical professionals throughout the area.

We at Nordean Law have several years of experience handling personal injury cases in Riverside. If you need to discuss your case, feel free to give us a call. As your local attorney, we are here to assist you as soon as you reach out to us.

Why experience matter in personal injury cases?

The whole point at the end is to ensure you get lawful compensation. And to recover the financial settlement, you need to be able to quantify the damages and convince the insurance company to settle it. Calculating a loss consists of evaluating the total medical expenses, lost income, loss of working capacity, reparation, and others. Various factors like complex legal issues and the intervention of insurance companies of each at-fault party play a role in deciding the compensation. An experienced attorney can manage these issues efficiently and make the journey to settlement less complicated for you.

Here are some reasons why you should choose an experienced lawyer for personal injury cases:

Filing a personal injury claim requires a lot of work

There are several steps in pursuing a personal injury claim, from collecting necessary evidence and navigating legal proceedings to developing a strong case for rightful compensation. An experienced lawyer is familiar with these steps and can work efficiently and effectively towards securing the compensation.

Playing a level field with insurance adjuster

Insurance companies do their best to minimize the compensation. They have their tricks to convince you to come to their terms. An experienced lawyer can understand each step of the insurance company and deal accordingly.

More than on-scene investigation

Insurance companies do their best to minimize the compensation. They have their tricks to convince you to come to their terms. An experienced lawyer can understand each step of the insurance company and deal accordingly.

Calculating the full extent of damage

Experienced attorneys understand that calculating damages is a challenging task. They consult experts to accurately evaluate the physical, psychological, and financial impact of traumatic injuries.

Negotiating strategically with the insurance adjuster

Once all the evidence supports your claim, the attorney has to negotiate effectively for a fair settlement. Only a well-experienced lawyer can deal strategically with the insurance adjuster to secure maximum compensation.

How much does hiring a personal injury lawyer cost?

Your charges depend on the case specifics and how long your lawsuit lasts. Our lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis. You don’t have to pay us if we lose the case. Prior to moving forward, our lawyer will agree with you on a certain percentage of your settlement as a fee.

Statute of Limitation for Personal Injury Cases

For personal injury claims, the statute of limitation is two years from the injury. If the individual learned about the injury later, they get one year from the date it was discovered.

To file a claim against government agencies, you must usually file within 6 months of the incident.

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A devastating injury can affect a victim and their family for years. We cannot reverse misfortune, but we can fight for your rights. Nordean Law’s team of personal injury lawyers is compassionate toward victims and aggressive toward the insurance adjusters. Our skillful law practitioners, specialized in different kinds of personal injury cases, will gather solid evidence and conduct intense investigations for clients.

Reach out to us if you have any queries or want an estimated compensation claim.

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Riverside is the fourth largest County in California and 10th largest in the United States. It is a city in Southern California, founded in the late 1800s. The county covers 7,300 square miles and is home to 2.4 million residents.

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