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Samuel Nordean, ESQ. Founding partner of Nordean Law, APC
Samuel Nordean, ESQ. Founding partner of Nordean Law, APC

Samuel ‘Sam’ Nordean is a founding partner of Nordean Law, APC. He is passionate about standing up for people who struggle with accidental injuries and mistreatment from insurance companies. He has a Bachelor's and Master of Science degrees in Biochemistry from Portland State University. He got his Juris Doctor degree from Chapman University School of Law. Sam started Nordean Law to commit to helping people who cannot fight for themselves. His strengths are in representing car accident, fatal accidents, negligence cases, and liability accidents.

Orange County Overview

Orange County covers 42 miles of the southern California coast. It has significant cities like Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach. Orange County shares a border with Los Angeles County and San Diego County to the north and the south, respectively. At the same time, it transmits an eastern boundary with Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

It has a strong economy, a diverse population, and numerous entertainment choices, so it is a mix of urban and suburban areas. You can get city stuff, a good life, safe neighborhoods, well-connected airports, railroads, and freeways to ensure extensive accessibility within the county.

At the forefront is the iconic Disneyland, a globally recognized theme park offering exciting experiences for visitors of all ages. From the iconic Disneyland Resort and surf haven Huntington Beach to Balboa Island with other attractions collectively contribute to Orange County’s vibrant culture and diverse range of attractions.
Where is Orange County located?

Orange County is in the southern part of the State of California, located on the United States West Coast with a mix of urban and suburban areas. Its geographical location provides access to other parts of Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego.

What is the population of Orange County?

The population of Orange County is approximately 3.17 million people and offers diverse demographics. Approximately 1.6 million people are white, 1.1 million are Hispanic or Latino, and 500K are Asian alone.

What percentage of Orange County is white?

Among the overall population of Orange County, 69.1% is White.

What is the largest populated city under Orange County?

The most populous city in Orange County is Anaheim. It is home to around 3,44,461 people. This popular tourist destination attracts many visitors worldwide and directly impacts the city’s growth and economy.

Anaheim has a diverse economy and job opportunities in vital sectors like technology, healthcare, finance, tourism, and more. It has ongoing urban development, creating construction and real estate jobs. Disneyland is one of the most popular attractions globally, generating many positions in various roles, from park operation to entertainment.

Is Orange County’s population growing?

Orange County is experiencing steady population growth because of the lifestyle it offers. The presence of global attractions, a varied population, and diverse real estate choices also contribute to its popularity.

It offers access to extensive city amenities, quality health life, safety, and well-maintained communities. Additionally, Orange County’s attractions like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and beach destinations bring local and international visitors and contribute to its popularity.

Is it safe to drive in Orange County?

Driving safety can vary depending on the specific area and road conditions within Orange County. Though the County has well-maintained roads and highways, it’s essential to know about traffic safety concerns and prioritize safety while driving.

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What city in Orange County has the most car accidents?

Among the cities in Orange County, Anaheim has the highest number of car accidents. As per the latest survey, Anaheim has 25 fatal car crashes involving 39 vehicles, resulting in 27 fatalities. The city’s popularity as a tourist destination brings many visitors unfamiliar with local roads, potentially contributing to accidents. Streets with high traffic volume, such as Harbor Boulevard, La Palma Avenue, and Beach Boulevard, witness a notable number of accidents annually.

Which is the safest city in Orange County?

Rancho Santa Margarita is one of Orange County’s safest cities. It has low crime rates and a strong community bond where residents enjoy security and tranquility. Local law enforcement and its residents maintain a strong relationship, which is a proactive approach to public safety.

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