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In 2020, Orange County had 294 truck accidents, resulting in 7 deaths and 393 injuries, per the Statewide Integrated Traffic Record System (SWITRS) data in the Transportation Information Management System (TIMS). The sheer size of an 18-wheeler ensures devastating accidents, and the lives of injury victims and their families are altered in seconds.

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What Are 18-Wheeler Accidents?

An 18-wheeler accident is a collision involving a large commercial truck, known as a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. These trucks are commonly used for transporting goods over long distances and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. Due to their weight and size, 18-wheeler accidents can cause significant damage to other vehicles and severe injuries to individuals involved in the crash.

When an 18-wheeler accident occurs, it can be complex to determine liability and damages. In some cases, multiple parties may be responsible, such as the truck driver, the trucking company, or the manufacturer of the truck or its components.

18-Wheeler Accident Statistics 

In 2020, the FMCSA reported 415,000 large truck crashes, of which 4,444 (about 1%) were fatal, while 101,000 (about 24%) caused injuries to one or more people, showing how dangerous and life-threatening large truck accidents can be.

Dangers Of 18-Wheeler Accidents In Orange County

What Kind of Injuries are Sustained?

Victims of 18-wheeler accidents in Orange County will likely suffer severe injuries requiring substantial medical care. Due to the significant differences in power, weight, and size between a regular car and an 18-wheeler, this outcome is not surprising. 

Common injuries from these accidents include:

  • Concussions 
  • Deformity 
  • Amputation
  • Broken bones 
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Brain, neck, and back injury
  • Muscle strains and ligament sprains
  • Contusions, cuts, and crushing injuries
  • Heavy bleeding and lacerations
  • Blindness 
  • Coma 
  • Wrongful death

Typically, our Orange County truck accident lawyers at Nordean Law ask for the documents prepared by your doctor during or right after your medical examination or accident. These documents not only detail your injuries and their expected duration, but they also assist us in establishing the potential economic damages.

California Laws For 18-Wheeler Trucks

Under California’s regulations, a maximum speed limit applies to 18-wheeler trucks traveling on state roads. These trucks are prohibited from exceeding 55 mph. This rule remains in effect even on interstates and freeways that usually permit other vehicles to travel at 65 and 70 mph.

Other vehicles towing objects, such as trailers, campers, or cars, must follow a 55 mph speed limit. Additional regulations are in place to prevent slow-moving trucks and traffic from using the fast lane. Large trucks following the 55 mph law are mandated to stay in the rightmost lane unless passing or making a left turn.

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Steps To Take After An 18-Wheeler Accident?

In the event of an 18-Wheeler accident, the priority is to ensure the safety of everyone involved and immediately call for medical assistance. Staying at the accident scene is crucial until you have notified the police, as leaving the scene is against the law.

Obtaining a police report is essential for your case. When speaking with the police, provide only factual information about the accident and refrain from taking responsibility or downplaying the involvement of others. Additionally, gather evidence and information about all parties involved.

Finally, seeking the advice of an experienced lawyer who specializes in Orange County 18-Wheeler accidents, such as Nordean Law, is highly recommended. We provide free consultations and expert legal advice to help guide you through the process.

Commercial Truck Company Insurance In Orange County

California Vehicle Code § 16020 requires all motor vehicle owners and drivers to have insurance and carry evidence of financial responsibility while driving. Most commercial trucking operations carry large insurance policies.

While Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UMC) and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) are not mandatory in California, you can add them to your policy. In compliance with California law, all auto insurance providers must offer UMC/UIM coverage. These types of coverage can provide additional protection when the other driver is underinsured or uninsured.  

What If You Don’t Have Insurance?

Without insurance in California, paying for damages after a car accident can be challenging. While the state mandates a minimum coverage limit, it also has the nation’s highest number of uninsured drivers. This minimum coverage, called “15/30/5,” covers up to $5,000 for property damage or collision coverage, $15,000 for bodily injury coverage or death, and $30,000 for total bodily injury or death per accident to all victims in the other vehicle combined, if the insured driver is at fault.

Unfortunately, many California drivers cannot afford the minimum coverage. This leaves them responsible for paying for damages out-of-pocket or relying on private health insurers or government programs like Medicare and Medi-Cal. Insurance coverage is crucial in an accident to avoid such significant financial consequences.

When To Hire A Lawyer To Make Your 18-Wheeler Injury Claim?

To make your 18-wheeler injury claim, knowing when to hire a lawyer is essential. Here are some main circumstances when you should get a lawyer after your truck accident:

  • Multiple parties may be liable.
  • The claims process is complex.
  •  You have significant damages.
  •  Your injuries may prevent you from working, increasing damages
  • The opposing insurer may resist paying the full damages
  •  You may be accused of being partially or fully at fault for the accident.
  • A professional legal strategy is needed.

In such situations, hiring a qualified attorney can help you navigate the legal complexities of pursuing your 18-wheeler injury claim and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Compensation Recovered Out Of An 18-Wheeler Truck Accident?

Regarding accidents involving 18-wheelers, the settlement amounts are typically higher than other accidents. Truck accident settlements can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even seven figures.

However, the exact settlement amount depends on various factors, such as the extent of the injuries sustained, the medical expenses incurred due to the accident, the impact on the victim’s daily life, and the pain and suffering experienced by the victim. These factors play a significant role in determining the final settlement amount. Ultimately, the settlement amount will be unique to each case and dependent on the specific details of the accident and its consequences.

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Wading through the intricacies of trucking insurance can be difficult. It can leave you uncertain about what to say or how much to demand, particularly when presented with unfamiliar situations. Enlisting the assistance of a reputable lawyer improves your chances of obtaining a fair settlement and provides legal advice and assistance as you recuperate from your injuries.

Nordean Law employs a group of skilled attorneys who are dedicated, approachable, and skilled at obtaining positive outcomes. The 18-wheeler accident lawyers at Nordean Law have a wealth of experience in aiding victims in receiving the highest possible compensation. 

We work with various resources and professionals to ensure the best representation possible in court. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation, and we will assess your case to determine the most effective approach.

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