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truck accident

A full cement mixer truck can be more riskier than you realize. On average, it’s ten times heavier than a loaded pickup truck. So, the accidents are undoubtedly catastrophic.

If you or your loved one got into an accident with the cement mixer truck, this can be a heartbreaking event. While we cannot go back in time and restore normalcy, we can be your cornerstone to get financial recovery that might help ease the mental anguish.

Our experienced team of Orange County Cement Mixer Truck accident lawyers at Nordean Law will help you and your family through a complex legal process. We encourage you to know about our lawyers before anything else, as your trust in us is more valuable than any transaction.

truck accident

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What makes Cement Trucks dangerous? – Cement Truck hazards and defects

Large trucks are any medium or heavy vehicle with a gross weight rating of over 10,000 pounds.

The concrete mixer trucks might not look like large vehicles, but they are heavier than any other enormous truck on the roadways. These trucks predominantly carry the load on their mixing drum, resulting in a disproportionate weight. Being top-heavy, these trucks are prone to accidents even on smooth roads.

We have highlighted a few factors that cause concrete mixer truck accidents:

  • Instability
    The majority of crashes of mixer trucks are caused by overturning.
    Because of the massive weight on the top of the wet cement, the cement mixer trucks have a high center of gravity, making it an unstable vehicle. Hence, this makes the truck susceptible to rollover.

  • Maneuverability
    The heavier the vehicle, the more challenging maneuvering gets. While taking a turn or getting around a tight corner, the hefty truck driver faces this challenge repeatedly.
    The reasons are their weight and their blind spots. This brings us to the next factor that makes the cement mixer risky on the road, which is a blind spot.

  • Blindspot
    Cement trucks have bigger blind spots, which means they have a large area surrounding them that they cannot see. Also called ‘no zones,’ they exist along the left and right sides, in front of and behind the truck. For this reason, cement-mixing trucks are prone to crashing with other vehicles while changing lanes, turning, or driving at speed.

  • Speeding
    The drivers of cement mixing trucks are often in a hurry due to the risk that cement can harden in a mixture. In such a hustle and bustle, some drivers often ignore that cement trucks take longer to slow down or stop at faster speeds. Also, the force of impact because of this is greater and can cause catastrophic damage and fatalities.

  • Malfunctions
    Mixer trucks require regular maintenance due to the daily pressure they must put through. The truck brakes and axles are especially under extreme stress due to the heavy loads these trucks carry. If they are not regularly inspected, repaired, and maintained, it can cause a system failure, causing severe mishaps.

Causes of Cement Mixture Truck accident

The above features of the bulky cement mixer truck make it vulnerable to accidents. Therefore, the drivers need to be extra careful while on the roadways.

One major reason for deadly mishaps is drunk driving and intoxication. As with any other vehicle accident, drunk and intoxicated driving are common among the cement mixer truck driver as well. Such impairment leads to reduced concentration, slow reaction times, diminished vision, and poor judgment ability, amplifying the chances of fatal accidents.

Inadequate experience also causes many accidents. Operating a cement mixture truck, given its complexity and inherent risk, demands heightened caution. However, an inexperienced driver may overlook this crucial attitude. According to the State California,Department of Motor Vehicles, cement mixer truck drivers require a Class A commercial driver’s license that requires them to pass specific tests. However, they don’t require any experience in driving a cement truck safely. This makes it easy for the driver to obtain a license but still puts them at risk

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Injuries from Cement Mixer accidents

Cement Truck accidents can be terrifying as they are more likely to cause death or serious injuries. Sitting at higher elevations in the compartment and with immense weight, the drivers can cause devastating aftermath.

Here are some common injuries caused by cement truck accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injury
    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can seriously affect reasoning abilities, memory power, and communication abilities. Blurred vision, memory loss, insomnia, blurred vision, and slurred speech are some of the symptoms of TBI.

  • Burn injury
    The victim might sustain a brain injury, get exposed to flammable substances, or if the truck catches fire. Significant burns can cause death; otherwise, they can have long-lasting impacts. Some long-term effects of burning are scarring, contractures, pain, itching, or even hurting psychological well-being.

  • Broken bones
    When a truck crushes a person or a smaller vehicle by riding over it, the victim will get squeezed, which will fracture or shatter the bones of the victim. The broken bones will remain severe, even after a long time, causing frequent pains in the body parts. If the accident is catastrophic, it might even lead to disability.

  • Whiplash
    When a truck strikes a passenger car, a person’s head suddenly moves forward and backward, causing whiplash. This will affect the joints, muscles, and nerves in the neck. This can even lead to a herniated disc.

  • Nerve damage
    When you are hit by a massive vehicle, chances are that your body will be exposed to sharp pieces of windows. The glass or sharp objects can cut deep, causing nerve damage and spinal cord injury, which can even cause paralysis.

Determining liability in a Cement Mixer accident

Finding accountability in Truck accidents is not a straightforward job. Numerous stakeholders are related to the truck, including drivers, trucking companies, manufacturers, government, and maintenance companies.

So, working with an attorney is one of the most effective ways to determine responsibility for the injuries and provide the compensation you deserve.

The mistakes are transferred to respective parties in the following cases:

  • Driver: When the trucker fails to follow appropriate traffic laws, is at extreme speed, and is doing distracted driving. Also, it is the driver’s fault in an accident if he is under the influence of drugs and intoxication.

  • Trucking company:  If the truck has defects because the truck company did not repair the truck on time.

  • Truck drivers’ employer: It is the employer’s responsibility to hire inexperienced drivers. The company has to bear responsibility if the driver has to drive speedily because of too much pressure from deadlines. Also, the employer is held accountable if the driver is drowsy due to long working hours.

  • Manufacturer: The automobile manufacturer will be liable for the accident if any product defect caused the truck accident.

  • Mechanic: The truck has recently been in repair, but the mechanic who worked on it failed to repair it and did not notify it. In this case, the mechanic company will be responsible for the accident.

  • Government: Before we think about other parties, let’s also look at the area where the accident occurred. We need to check if the site is poorly maintained. If so, the government will also be partially liable for the accident.

Compensation for the Orange County Cement Mixer Truck accident

As we mentioned about the multiple stakeholders for a truck, there is no doubt that truck companies have strong lawyers who can persuade you to comply with their terms. So, The best way to get the rightful compensation is to hire a qualified personal injury trial attorney. Your Personal Injury lawyer will act on your behalf to negotiate fair compensation for the damages. With a trial attorney hired, they are responsible for getting you the right settlement.

Depending on the situation, these are the compensation you will receive:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Pain, suffering, and “loss of amenity
  3. Lost income

Our cement mixer accident attorneys will investigate claims, gather evidence, and fight for your case to ensure you receive justice at any cost. We handle the case on a contingency basis, so you don’t need to worry about fees.

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Timeline to claim the Cement Mixer accident claim

Though the recovery will take years, you must be cautious about the timeline if you seek compensation. This can look like an inconvenience, but the statute of limitations serves a crucial legal purpose. The statute of limitations aims to provide justice before the defendant loses critical evidence.

In California, you will get two years to file a lawsuit against the alleged party. In case, the victim discovers the injury late, they will get one year from the date of discovery.

The timeline will also be postponed if the plaintiff is minor at the time of the accident, and the statute of limitation will start once the plaintiff reaches 18 years.

Nevertheless, if the lawsuit is against a government defendant, the timeline to file the claim is only six months from the date of the accident.

Why choose Nordean Law for Orange County Cement Mixer accident?

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Sam Nordean has made a commitment to helping victims get back what was taken away from them. He fights for people that are injured and can’t fight for themselves.

“Going to court or negotiating a settlement is not akin to my client winning a lottery ticket. It’s about balancing the scales; it’s what they’re owed.”

At Nordean Law, we provide a no-obligation consultation. Our truck accident lawyer Orange County, who specialize in cement mixer truck accidents, will assess victims’ cases free of charge.

Our team of proficient lawyers will listen to you and document the accident details to evaluate the case. After a proper analysis, we talk with witnesses and search for other evidence to identify the liability. For this, we work with medical experts, accident reconstructionists and other experts to gather evidence to prove fault.

The lawyers review the medical reports and analyze the other damages to calculate the compensation you deserve. The following crucial process is negotiation. Our lawyers prepare a detailed, comprehensive settlement letter and packages for the insurance company. We negotiate vigorously until the insurance company agrees to pay lawful compensation. 

Our Cement Mixer Accident Lawyers manage these critical processes and guide you at every step to simplify legal intricacies.

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