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orange county light trucks

Light trucks are comparatively less bulky than heavy-weight trucks but heavier than smaller vehicles like cars. So, even a seemingly minor collision with a light truck can result in deadly injuries.

If you or someone you love have sustained injuries in a light truck accident in Orange County due to other party’s negligence, you have the right to pursue a claim for the damages. However, due to the involvement of multiple parties in a commercial truck accident, it is a tough task to get compensation from the liable party. Considering the complications, it is wise to consult an Orange County Light Truck Accident Lawyer for justice.

orange county light trucks

However, before you talk to any lawyers, you should know what light trucks are, the causes of their accidents, injuries sustained by such accidents and other details. This is important so that you can understand the liability for the accident and be prepared for the journey to compensation.

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What are Light Trucks?

Light-duty or light trucks in the United States are vehicles with a gross weight of up to 8,500 pounds. They have payload capacities of up to 4000 pounds. Light trucks are typically used for utility purposes rather than personal use.

Causes of Light Truck accidents

Because of the immense structure, various parts and operating limitations of the trucks, its accident causes can be more complex than you can think of. A proper investigation can identify the accurate cause of a truck accident. However, for now, we have listed some of the common causes of light truck accidents.

Blind spot

Truckers who drive light trucks have significant blind spots, which, if not watched properly, can cause severe accidents. Blind spot accidents usually happen if the truck lacks appropriate mirrors or the driver fails to align the mirrors properly. It also happens if the truck driver fails to check the blind spot proactively before maneuvering the truck.


Due to a surge in essential goods hauling across the city, drivers and trucking companies are under pressure to meet delivery deadlines promptly. Therefore, they speed up to meet the target. But a commercial light truck at high speed will not be able to stop in time if anything obstructs its way. Furthermore, this also increases the risk of truck rollover when the truck has to go to a sharper curve.

Drivers fatigue

Multiple factors contribute to exhaustion among drivers, including long working hours and inadequate sleep. Some truck drivers often work long hours, up to 14 a day, and also sacrifice essential rest breaks to meet delivery deadlines. Adjusting meal and sleep times to fit delivery schedules can disrupt their circadian rhythm. This can lead to exhaustion and reduced alertness on the road, resulting in dangerous crashes.

Tire wear

An overworked tire is more likely to fail quickly. And as commercial trucks are constantly moving, their tires need frequent maintenance and replacement. If the driver or the truck owner fails to maintain the tires, there are high chances of accidents.
Besides, excessive speed can deform tires, hurt their performance and make them wear out faster, further raising the risk of accidents.

Distracted driving

Distractions for truckers can occur in various forms, including manual and cognitive distractions. Manual distraction involves Taking the hands off the steering wheels, eating while driving or flipping through radio stations. Likewise, not staying focused on the road while driving is an example of cognitive distraction. Both kinds of distraction can cause devastation in an instant.

Injuries sustained by Light Truck accidents

Crashing a large truck can be fatal, especially for people in smaller vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians. Also, as trucks have a tall ground clearance, the lower-riding vehicles or individuals might slide beneath truck trailers with potentially deadly consequences.

Here are some common injuries resulted by light truck collision:

Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI)

A blow or jolt to the head or a deep cut on the head can lead to traumatic brain injury (TBI). This can affect the brain’s functioning. Long-term complications can also result in mental problems or premature death.

Spinal cord injuries

Rollover accidents or heavy vehicle compression can cause spinal cord injuries with long-lasting and life-altering consequences. This can strip individuals of their independence and normal activities.

Broken bones

Being squeezed with the heavy weight of trucks and their parts can break bones. Signs of broken bones include swelling, bruising, or not being able to move. While some may immediately notice the broken bones, in some cases, it takes time for the wound to reveal.


Truck accidents can cause cuts and lacerations if the individual comes in touch with shattered glass, sharp metal or any hard plastic interiors. If left untreated, it can lead to infection, blisters, sores and even fever.


Amputation occurs when the massive weight of a truck presses an individual. Amputation is the loss or removal of body parts and causes extreme physical pain. It can also lead to depression in the long term as it limits or takes away the normalcy, daily activity, and mobility of a person.

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Establishing fault in Light Truck accident

To seek damages following a truck accident, you have to establish fault. The core of establishing fault is finding truck accident negligence. The party who was at fault for the accident will be the party who neglected their duty of ensuring the safety of others. However, identifying negligence in a truck accident is complex, involving multiple parties.

Truck Accident Lawyers can navigate such complications for you using their experience and skills. However, as a victim, it is necessary to understand the potential liable parties.
Some of the common at-fault parties for Light truck accident cases are:

Truck driver

The fault goes to the truck driver if the accident was caused by a failure to obey traffic regulations. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, distracted driving, or tailgating are some cases where the fault goes to the driver.

Trucking company/ employer

If the company is found to have put unrealistic schedules or have failed to hire or train the truck driver properly, they have to pay the compensation. Likewise, it is the trucking company’s responsibility to complete the truck’s inspection so that it runs smoothly on the road.

If the company misses any of those obligations, they have to be responsible for the accident and compensate the victim.


The manufacturer is liable if the truck was sold with defective parts or a flawed design. For example, if the breaks malfunctioned due to faulty parts, and this caused the accident, the manufacturer will be held responsible.

What to do after a Light Truck accident?

Having a truck accident can leave you devastated and overwhelmed. It is normal to ignore the next steps. However, noting these basic things can help you receive the compensation in a less complicated manner.

Here are the crucial steps you must follow after a truck accident:

Seek medical attention

Before anything else, prioritize your health. Even if you feel fine, seek a medical evaluation, as you could have hidden injuries with delayed symptoms. If a medical technician assesses your injury on-site, request a comprehensive evaluation by a doctor, as some injuries, like internal bleeding, may only be detectable by a doctor.

Apart from your personal healing, medical reports are also important to get rightful compensation. If you delay in seeking medical treatment, it might be hard for the doctor to identify if the injury was a consequence of the accident.

Accurate medical bills, doctor’s prescriptions, and notes will be helpful if you choose to take legal action against the liable party.

Inform the police

Another important thing you should do while at the accident site is to notify the local police. When the police arrive at the accident site, they can find the evidence and details of the collision. A police report will help substantiate your claim and clarify your case. The details can also prove invaluable if the case goes to court.

Focus on rest

Some of you may be worried about finances as you have to stay idle after an accident. However, the healing process, both physical and emotional, largely depends upon how much rest you take. We advise you to take your time for recovery to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Avoid answering the insurance adjuster

Remember that insurance adjusters are not there to help you. The insurance company wants to make money. They convince you in the best possible way to minimize the compensation amount or deny your claim.

We, therefore, advise you to avoid providing a recorded statement to the insurance agent. It is advisable to contact a specialized local attorney before you even pick up a call from an insurance company.

Contact a light truck accident attorney at Orange County

Research thoroughly and contact an Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer who is experienced and skillful in handling commercial truck accident claims. That takes us to a point that highlights the importance of a lawyer in a light truck accident case.

What exactly does a Truck Accident lawyer do for you?

All vehicle compensations are difficult. On top of that, truck accidents are legally complex. There can be several parties at fault. Each party has a separate insurance partner. Chances are, each insurance partner will pressure you to their favorability.

The lawyers specialized in commercial truck accident law are skilled at holding large trucking companies accountable for the accident. Your attorney will investigate the case, identify the liable party and gather evidence for you. They also send a demand letter to the insurance company, negotiate the recovery amount, and represent in court if required.

Why should you choose a law firm specializing in Truck Accidents?

A truck accident lawyer is an attorney specializing in advocating for individuals involved in truck accidents.

A truck accident lawyer will have specific knowledge of federal and state regulations governing commercial truck stakeholders. As proving negligence is essential to receive fair compensation, you need a lawyer who is familiar with the nitty gritty of truck operation.

A personal injury lawyer experienced with the truck accident also knows the tips and tricks of the insurance adjuster and can effectively navigate the legal process as required.

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FAQs on Light Truck accidents

Usually, light truck accident attorneys in Orange County work on a contingency basis. This means they have no upfront cost and do not take a fee unless they win your money. They only take a percentage of the settlement that you win. In case lawyers lose your case, you don’t have to pay any fees.

The Statute of Limitation for light truck Accident claims in California is two years from the date of the accident.
There are exceptions: In circumstances where the affected person learns about the injury later, the law allows a year for legal proceedings after the date of injury discovery.

The compensation depends on the injury, property damage, and psychological disturbance caused by the accident. It is advisable to calculate compensation during the recovery phase of treatment or after that. This is because in serious injuries, you cannot predict the medical expenses upfront.


Normally, personal injury accident compensation covers economic damage, non-economic damage, and punitive damage.


Economic damage includes medical bills, medical equipment costs, traveling costs for treatment, and income loss.


Non-economic damage consists of emotional distress, loss of enjoyment and quality of life, and lifetime pain caused by some serious injuries.


Likewise, punitive damage compensation is something which courts obligate the at-fault party as a means of punishing them.

The time for the truck accident claim depends upon the investigation, medical report, and negotiation.


In many cases, finding accurate and helpful evidence takes time and convincing eyewitnesses to speak for the case.


Investigation in each case is different, so we cannot predict an exact time.
Likewise, the time for obtaining a final medical report also depends on the seriousness of the injury. To get compensation for medical expenses, you will need a final medical report from the doctor.


Negotiation is another factor which is equally time-consuming as a truck commercial accident may involve a number of at-fault parties, including truck drivers, manufacturers, trucking companies and others. Each party has their respective insurance partner who negotiates aggressively when it comes to compensation. Negotiating with them to reach a fair conclusion consumes a lot of time and effort.


With all these factors into play, it normally takes a few months to a few years for a settlement.

Yes, it is important to choose a local lawyer.


When you choose a local lawyer, you are choosing someone who has intimate knowledge of local regulations. As local lawyers know the community, it is easier for them to gather key evidence and interview witnesses. They also have established relationships with local professionals like medical professionals, law practitioners and insurance adjusters.


In addition, a local truck accident lawyer understands the local court system, opposing attorneys and judges. This can make the processes quick and effective.

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