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truck accident

When a logging truck collides, it wreaks havoc in the vicinity. The total tons, size, and type of load carried by the logging truck make it one of the riskiest vehicles on the roadways.

Logging truck accidents can be tragic and disastrous. When individuals encounter truck accidents, they become vulnerable. So, here comes the role of an experienced and proficient logging trailer accident attorney.

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truck accident

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What are Logging Trailers?

As its name says, a logging truck is a large truck used to carry logs. Various logging trucks are used depending on the amount of logs needed to carry.

Logging trailers are considered an efficient solution for companies to transfer logs between the forest and cities.

Causes of Logging Truck accidents

According to National Safety Council Injury Facts, 5,700 large trucks were in a fatal crash in 2021.

This is an 18 percent increase from 2020. Likewise, accidents have surged by 49 percent in the last ten years.

So, what causes truck accidents? Multiple reasons lead to accidents. We have outlined a few common causes of accidents:

Improperly loaded cargo

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set specific requirements for loading, inspecting, and securing cargo.

Their regulation requires the truck carriers and their drivers to ensure that the cargo is secure. There are cases where accidents happen due to violation of these laws. Sideswiping, jackknife and rollover can happen with such carelessness.

Traffic law violations

Going through an intersection while the traffic light is red can lead to a T-bone collision with other vehicles.

Apart from this, improper or reckless lane changing can cause a fatal accident in the hefty logging trailer.

Distracted driving

Other reasons that come under traffic law violations include tailgating and talking or texting on a cell phone.

Because of the substantial weight carried by logging trailers, collisions with other vehicles result in catastrophic injuries, particularly for the occupants of smaller vehicles.

Improper reversing

Truck drivers need a higher level of visibility and maneuverability than car drivers when reversing their vehicles. They have substantial blind spots on the sides and rear of the truck.

Additionally, their braking capabilities are different from those of smaller vehicles. It is difficult for them to stop abruptly, even if they spot another vehicle at the last moment. This challenge causes several accidents in Orange County.

Bad weather

The risk of a logging trailer accident increases in extreme weather like rain, snow, fog, or high winds. For example, driving in foggy weather is tremendously challenging because of the lack of visibility.

Rain can lead to slippery roads, and strong wind can cause road obstruction with flying dust and debris. These are some common causes of logging trailer accidents that transport logs regularly.

Drunk and drive accidents

According to a report from the United States Department of Transportation, every day about 37 people die in drunk-driving crashes- that is one person in every 39 minutes.

According to the report, 12,384 people died in alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths, which is a 14 percent increase from 2020. Truck drivers often disregard the fact that drinking and driving impair their visibility and cognitive abilities. This negligence has resulted in numerous accidents.


Driving continuously for long hours can also affect the focus and cause boredom and fatigue. An exhausted driver can be even more dangerous than a drunk driver. Tiredness can also lead the driver to engage in aggressive driving to get to their destination sooner to relax. Under such circumstances, they might avoid taking regular breaks and sometimes need to pay attention to traffic signals.

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Types of Logging Trailer accidents

Logging trailers are prone to losing control, mainly when there’s an imbalance in weight distribution.

Furthermore, given the size and heavy weight, operating a logging truck demands the driver’s constant vigilance.

A loophole in any of these prerequisites can result in potentially life-threatening collisions.


Improperly loaded logs, improper braking due to lack of visibility, or speeding can cause rollovers.


This type of incident occurs when the front vehicle loses traction, but the attached trailer is in motion. As a result, moving the trailer can push the front vehicle, leading to a crash and piling up all the vehicles at once.

Tire Blowout

Trucks that carry heavy loads and travel long distances will likely get tire blowouts. A tire blowout can scatter debris across the road. The debris can be the rubber from the tire or the cargo that became loose with the tire explosion.

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Injuries caused by Logging Trailer accidents

The immense weight can elevate the force of impact during a collision, causing devastating consequences for the smaller vehicles or the individuals in the surrounding area.

We have listed some of the common injuries caused by truck accidents:


The deep cuts that the victims suffer in truck accidents can take years to recover. From deep scratches on the head, face, neck, arms, or other organs, sustaining multiple injuries to many different body parts.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can lead to nerve damage, constriction of blood vessels, coma, and the development of infections within the brain.

This condition can give rise to various long-term issues, including double vision, diminished cognitive abilities, and communication difficulties.

Internal organ bleeding

A collision with a considerable logging trailer can exert enough force to cause severe and potentially fatal damage to organs.

Internal bleeding may go unnoticed during the initial stages since it is typically painless. However, over time, it can lead to intense pain, dizziness, or even loss of consciousness. Consequently, it is of utmost importance to undergo a medical evaluation after a traffic accident, even if you do not experience immediate pain or discomfort.

Neck injury

Having neck fractures can sometimes lead to complete spinal cord injury, partial paralysis, or even death. Whether severe or minor, a broken neck or any neck injury requires immediate medical attention.

Broken limbs

This usually happens when the individual hits the logging truck’s dashboard. The sheer weight and force can break the hands, and legs or cause fractures.

Have you sustained injury from the logging truck accident? Rely on us to get your rightful amount for recovery!

Steps to prevent Logging Trailer accidents

As logging trailers are a necessity for any forestry operations, logging truck drivers are always on the go.

However, they have their complexities. One small mistake in securing the logs or missing pieces of safety equipment can lead to major accidents.

Here are some precautionary measures to keep in mind while loading the logs and operating logging trucks:

  1. Arrange the heaviest logs at the base of the load to reduce the center of gravity.
  2. Use required counter load to balance uneven loads.
  3. Don’t understeer or oversteer while on the road. This can cause a rollover.
  4. Plan your route and check the weather updates before you start driving towards the destination. This will save the driver from external hazards.
  5. Utilize load securement devices to ensure a load doesn’t move.

Why consult a Logging Trailer accident attorney after an accident?

You will hear from the insurance company representing the truck driver just a few minutes or hours after your truck crash. Please do not talk to them. Instead, contact a logging truck accident lawyer.

A credentialed and seasoned lawyer knows how to deal with a critical accident. However, make sure you choose a law firm specializing in truck accidents. Additionally, prioritize a local lawyer. The reason is that local lawyers know the legal territory and are available when needed.

They may also have established relationships with industry insiders, medical experts, and eyewitnesses who can support your case.

Our lawyers at Nordean Law, based in Orange County, are experts in determining the liable parties as they have decades of experience litigating truck accidents. Our lawyers will handle your case professionally and compassionately.

Here is the process of how the lawyers at Nordean work with you:

Evluate your case

Our lawyer will know the ins and outs of the accident story. However, the victim has to be completely transparent in sharing their details. Only then will the lawyers be able to provide you justice.

Collect evidence

Tracking the witnesses, talking to them, and getting their narratives are some of the activities done in this phase. The lawyers also obtain pictures of the accident site and camera footage.

Obtain compensation

At this phase, our Orange County personal injury lawyer communicates with the insurance companies and negotiates to get a fair recovery amount from them. Our lawyers will litigate against the defendant if the insurance company demands a compromise. Compensation encompasses medical bills, atonement for pain and suffering, and reparation costs for your vehicle.

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We guide you through the complicated legal procedures and escort you from the lowball offers from the truck’s insurance company. Contact our Orange County truck accident lawyer to find out more about how we can help you to bounce back from a life-threatening experience.

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