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orange county refrigerator truck

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a refrigerator truck accident in Orange County, you should consult with a lawyer who specializes in it.

A Refrigerator Truck Accident Attorney in Orange County will guide you throughout the legal process and help you get the compensation you are legally entitled to.

orange county refrigerator truck

However, before you seek legal help, it is also important to find out the causes, potential liability and other details of the accident. This will help you understand the underlying components of your accident and ultimately help you understand the compensation process.

We have outlined a few details of the refrigerator truck accidents below.

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What is a Refrigerator Truck?

Also called a chiller lorry, a refrigerator truck is a vehicle designed to carry perishable freight at low temperatures. They haul cargo, including ice cream, vegetables, food products and medications.

Causes of Refrigerator Truck accident

The 80,000-pound trucker refrigerator appears enormous when traveling down the road. On top of it, if any negligence is involved while driving, it can cause catastrophe. Refrigerator trucks can crash even with the slightest error.

Here are some of the causes of refrigerator truck accidents:


Being a commercial truck which fetches highly essential goods to different places, refrigerator truck drivers have deadlines to keep. Meanwhile, because the trucker refrigerator carry decayable goods and foods vulnerable to melting, the operators are mostly in a hurry to reach on time. They speed up so that they can deliver the goods quickly.

Inexperienced truck driver

The US is facing a commercial truck driver shortage. Because of this, trucking companies are hiring young drivers to fill the gaps. But, this is creating concern for road safety.

Operating a large truck is different from driving a passenger vehicle. For example, refrigerator trucks need a greater distance to stop compared to cars. They need to start braking well ahead of stopping, and they need enough space to stop completely on the road. A young, novice driver may not be able to implement this, which may cause deadly collisions.

No zone accidents

Refrigerator trucks have large blind spots. These blind spots create ‘No Zone’ areas around the truck where the driver cannot see vehicles with their large mirrors. For example, the right side and left side of a large truck have a substantial blind spot area. The truck drivers can’t see if a vehicle drives in these no-zones without signaling its presence, such as by honking. It only takes one turn, left or right, to cause a collision.

Mechanical failure

A trucker refrigerator has to run consistently for long hours carrying heavy loads. This makes the vehicle vulnerable to mechanical issues. Some of the mechanical problems are brake failure, tire blowout and broken or malfunctioning lights. If the driver or the truck operator company fails to monitor and repair these issues timely, this can lead to catastrophic crashes on the road.

Unstable weather

Strong winds, heavy rain, hurricanes, snow or any adverse weather conditions are some external factors that can cause refrigerator truck accidents. Rain can lead to water flow and cause a truck to hydroplane. The snow or ice can make the road surface slippery and cause problems with braking in time.

Furthermore, empty refrigerator trucks run with the risk of rolling over in strong winds, which could topple the trailer. The force of the wind can also cause the truck to jackknife.

Injuries due to Refrigerator Truck accident

The mass and momentum of the truck far exceed those of the passenger vehicle. So, the accident can be devastating for all those involved.

Here is a list of injuries caused by refrigerator truck accidents.


Burns are one of the atrocious injuries if the truck catches fire during the crash. Apart from causing severe pain in the short-term, a serious burn can cause permanent scar.


One of the catastrophic consequences resulting from a truck accident is the removal of body parts such as arm, leg, finger, hand or foot. This can be a life-changing experience for the victim, affecting physical capabilities and psychological well-being.

Internal injuries

Due to the colossal weight of the trucker refrigerator, getting crushed by it can result in serious injuries, sometimes internal. The internal injuries are mostly hidden and cause no pain initially. However, these injuries can cause life-long pain and are usually life-threatening if not consulted timely.

Traumatic brain injury

Truck accidents can cause a multitude of ailments. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are one of those. TBI affects the reasoning abilities, communication abilities and memory power of the victim.


A truck collision can shatter glass, spread the metal and break the hard plastic interiors. Coming in contact with these objects can cause severe lacerations and wounds. Many truck accident survivors are left with permanently disfiguring cuts all over their bodies and on their faces.

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Proving negligence in Refrigerator Truck accident

Commercial truck accident cases involve multiple defendants. Most commercial truck drivers don’t own the trucks they operate. The truck owner and the truck driver’s employer may not be the same. Likewise, there may be several parties responsible for the mechanical flaws. All things considered, resolving refrigerator truck accident claims can be a complex puzzle. An experienced lawyer can help you unravel this and help you get justice.

Here are some of the parties that can be held liable for the refrigerator truck accident:

Truck driver

The refrigerator truck driver has to be responsible for accident compensation if they have failed to follow the traffic rules while on the go. Excessive speeding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are some of the cases where the driver is liable for an accident.

The truck operator company

The employer or the truck operator company has to be responsible for the accident if an inexperienced driver caused the accident. Besides, the truck operator company must also be answerable if the driver caused a crash because of exhaustion.

Truck owner

Being a heavy-load vehicle that operates continuously for long hours, refrigerator trucks are vulnerable to frequent mechanical problems. It is the responsibility of the truck owner to maintain their truck and make sure it runs in good condition. Failure to check and repair the refrigerator trucks on time can result in catastrophic accidents. In such cases, the truck owner will be liable for the accident.

Truck maintenance company

Poor maintenance and equipment failure can lead to accidents in some cases. Fitting low-quality tires without the permission of the truck owner and leaving loopholes while repairing is negligence. The truck maintenance company has to be accountable for the accident in these cases.

It is very important to identify all possible liable parties to have a fair chance of full financial recovery. If you need clarification regarding who is responsible for your accident, Nordean Law is ready to assist you.

Statute of Limitations for Refrigerator Truck Accident

The time limit for filing a truck accident lawsuit, or Statute of Limitations, can vary depending on the state. In California, the statute of limitation is typically 2 years from the accident date. There is an exception if the plaintiff is minor. Given this, the complainant can file the claim only after turning 18.

There are circumstances where victims learn about their injuries later. In such a situation, they have a year from the date of injury discovery to file a claim.

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How long does a truck accident claim take to settle?

Every truck crash is different, so the time to settle a case varies widely. The settlement time depends on the specifics of your case and the behavior of the insurance adjuster. If the negotiations with the insurance company do not come to a conclusion, your lawyer has to take your case to trial. The trial will delay the outcome by several months.

Here, we have highlighted a few significant elements that affect the settlement:

State of Injury

Since truck accidents often lead to deadly injuries, you will need intense medical care. As the treatment period will be long, it will take time to have an accurate idea of your total medical expenses. For this reason, it is best to recover before seeking compensation for your damage.


After you have filed your claim with the insurance company, they will investigate the accident to get evidence against you. They use these proofs to minimize your compensation amount or dismiss it completely.


Your lawyer has to negotiate well to get you the full compensation. This can be a long process as the insurance company will try their best to drag their feet when it comes to settlement.

Why should you consult a Refrigerator Truck accident lawyer?

When it comes to commercial trucks, there are high chances that more than one party will be responsible for the accident. To get the rightful compensation, you have to fight with each of them at the same time. On top of it, the insurance adjuster of each party may approach you right after your accident to settle with less compensation than you deserve.

Predominantly, a refrigerator truck accident claim involves a lot of hassle.

From identifying the liable party to collecting evidence and from negotiating with insurance companies to taking the case to trial if necessary, an Orange County Refrigerator Truck Accident Attorney will do it all for you.

For this, just make sure that you hire a proficient refrigerator truck accident lawyer. A lawyer with experience handling multiple-defendant cases will professionally analyze your case and come up with the best course of legal action to get you all the compensation you deserve.

Now when you know the benefits of hiring a lawyer, you might still be worried about their fees. If your Orange County Refrigerator Truck Accident Lawyer works on a contingency fee, you will have to pay them only after you receive the compensation. You don’t have to pay any money upfront. Nordean Law works on a contingency basis, and we don’t charge you until we win the case for you.

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The quality of the attorney representing your refrigerator truck accident will directly impact your compensation. The legal team of Nordean Law has the expertise to handle the most complicated truck accident cases.

Our Orange County Truck Accident Lawyers are compassionate towards the victim and provide legal support and guidance in each phase of your claim.

Likewise, our lawyers skilfully handle the negotiation to secure the best outcome for you.

We know it is stressful for you to go through legal proceedings while trying to recover from, physical and emotional ordeal. That is why, we at Nordean Law ensure that you get a proper time for rest and we take all your burden.

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