How To Find a Right Car Accident Lawyer in California?

Samuel Nordean, ESQ. Founding partner of Nordean Law, APC
Samuel Nordean, ESQ. Founding partner of Nordean Law, APC

Samuel ‘Sam’ Nordean is a founding partner of Nordean Law, APC. He is passionate about standing up for people who struggle with accidental injuries and mistreatment from insurance companies. He has a Bachelor's and Master of Science degrees in Biochemistry from Portland State University. He got his Juris Doctor degree from Chapman University School of Law. Sam started Nordean Law to commit to helping people who cannot fight for themselves. His strengths are in representing car accident, fatal accidents, negligence cases, and liability accidents.

California is best known for its beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, the state with bustling cities is also known for its high car accident rate. In 2022, more than 277,000 injuries were reported from car crashes, with 3,900 people killed.

After a car accident in California, one has to deal with injuries, medical bills, and insurance companies. In this difficult time, you need a good car accident lawyer who can navigate the legal process and help you obtain compensation for your losses. But how do you find the right car accident lawyer in California?

Being the best personal injury law firm in California, Nordean Law understands the challenges and complexities of the legal system. Thus, we provide our clients with the right car accident lawyers for their car accident claims in California.

Statistics About Car Accidents in California

California is known for its bustling highways and heavy traffic, which contribute to a high number of car accidents.

According to a 2021 survey by the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Reports System, Los Angeles County ranks first for the most car crashes in California, with total fatalities of 4,651. Also, San Bernardino- and San Diego counties rank second and third with 1,373 and 1,343 fatalities, respectively.

The number of fatalities due to car accidents in other major cities in 2021:

  • Los Angeles – 744
  • San Bernardino – 367
  • San Diego – 294
  • Riverside – 263
  • Sacramento – 190
  • Kern – 182
  • Orange – 164
  • San Joaquin – 121
  • Fresno – 119
  • Stanislaus – 101

2022 was the deadliest year when it came to car accidents in California. According to the California Highway Patrol, more than 277,000 were injured and 3,900 deaths in 2022.

Things To Look For When Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer

When it comes to finding the right car accident lawyer in California, people often find it a daunting task. It becomes challenging to determine which car accident attorney is the best fit for your case. Below we list some essential things to look for when finding the right car accident lawyer in California.

1. Experience and Expertise

The journey to find the right car accident lawyer in California begins with the search for an experienced lawyer for car accidents who has expertise in car accident cases. A seasoned personal injury lawyer has an in-depth understanding of the legal system. Hiring a experienced attorney will increase chance of winning your case.

2. Track Record

The track record of car accident lawyers in California is a key indicator to determining their ability to achieve successful outcomes for your case. Look for a car injury lawyer with a history of winning car accident cases. You can research online or ask for references and testimonials to understand their track record.

3. A Good Team

A good lawyer for a car accident always works with a team of skilled and experienced legal professionals who can support them during car accident cases. You must connect with a California personal injury law firm with a team of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff. Nordean Law has a good team of professionals dedicated to achieving our clients’ best possible outcomes.

4. Reputation

A car crash attorney’s reputation is another major thing you should look for when finding the right car accident lawyer in California. A reputable lawyer can provide high-quality legal services and help you win the case. You can research online reviews and ratings to check the reputation of a lawyer. The testimonials from past clients will give you a sense of their reputation.

5. Accessibility

Accessibility is another important consideration when choosing the right car accident lawyer. Make sure the lawyer you choose is easy to reach and available to answer your questions or concerns. They should be responsive to your calls or emails and make time to meet with you when necessary.

6. Effective Communication

Effective communication is critical in any legal case. Your car accident lawyer should keep you informed and up-to-date throughout the process. Find a lawyer who communicates clearly and regularly and is easy to get in touch with.

7. Legal Service Fees

Legal fees can be a major concern when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer in California. Look for a lawyer who offers fair and transparent pricing. Car accident attorneys in California work on contingency, which means you only have to pay legal fees if you win the case. Car accident lawyer fees range from 30% to 40% of what their clients collect.

When Should You Look for a Car Accident Lawyer?

A car accident is a common cause of personal injury in California. After being involved in a car accident, you should look for a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. But when should one seek services from a car accident lawyer in California? Well, you should look for a car accident lawyer in the following cases:

1. You Sustained Injuries

If you have sustained injuries due to a car crash, you should first seek medical attention and then contact a car accident lawyer who can evaluate your case. A good car accident lawyer in California can navigate your car accident claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

2. The Accident Was Caused By Someone Else's Negligence

Car accidents are usually caused by someone else’s negligence, such as distracted driving, speeding, or drunk driving. In that case, you are entitled to compensation, and you should hire a car accident lawyer in California to get fair compensation for their damages.

3. The Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

Insurance companies often try to deny car accident claims or offer you compensation way less than you deserve. If it happens to you, you must consider hiring a car accident lawyer. A good lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company and provide you with a fair settlement.

4. You Are Facing Significant Financial Losses

If you are facing significant financial losses as a result of a car accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, or property damage, you need to engage a car accident lawyer who can calculate your losses and fight for the compensation you deserve.

5. You Are Not Sure What To Do Next

People sometimes get confused about what to do after a car accident. If you are also unsure what to do next, you should contact a lawyer for a car accident in California. A good lawyer can guide you through the legal process and answer all your questions.

Even for minor car accidents, it can be beneficial to consult with a car accident lawyer. While the severity of the accident may be minor, seeking legal advice can still provide valuable benefits.

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Do You Need the Right Car Accident Lawyer in California?

After being involved in a car accident in California, people often wonder if they need to hire a car accident lawyer to represent them. It’s not mandatory that you hire a car accident lawyer, but when you have one on your side, the lawyer significantly increases your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries and damages. The right car accident lawyer in California can level your playing field and ensure that all your rights are protected.


Car accidents can be devastating, and it becomes more stressful when you don’t find a good car accident lawyer who can help you with the legal representation of your case. However, there are many factors you should consider when hiring the right car accident lawyer in California.

Nordean Law, with its experienced team of dedicated attorneys, offers the legal expertise you need. Choosing us provides you with the best possible legal representation. Connect with us for a free consultation and begin your journey toward getting a fair settlement now.

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