Truck Accidents

Are you a Victim of Truck Accident?

Large trucks are constantly on the move, driving from city to city or across the country carrying cargo. Truck drivers are meant to be carefully chosen and trained to drive with utmost care, safety, in mind, and with the expectation to follow rules and regulations. Nonetheless, some truck drivers still fall short and fail to fulfill their duties, leading to grave or deadly accidents, especially given the tremendous size trucks.

Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

Many accident victims often assume they cannot take further action beyond filing a claim with their insurance companies. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should not hesitate to turn to Nordean Law. We’ll aggressively fight for your rightful compensation. We are extremely compassionate towards what you are going through and can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible driver or party.

"We never lose sight of the pain and suffering of your recovery, not to mention emotional trauma that lasts for years."

Recovering Compensation in a Personal Injury Suit

Our attorneys will guide you and your lawsuit, from referring you to medical care if needed to finding and demanding the truck’s insurance. Our attorneys at Nordean law are capable of answering your questions and if you choose, acting as an advocate on your behalf, working to recover fair compensation.

We aim to recover damages to cover the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Emergency room bills
  • Rehabilitation

No matter your injuries, it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit against the responsible party, and assure you rightful compensation.

We work on a contingency basis to ensure you do not have no worries regarding bills while you are recovering. Our family at Nordean Law is here to help you easily recover.

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